Holidays, Projects, Rockets

I’m listening to Billie Holiday.

She has an astounding story   beside her music.

As much as her music is worthy of your attention, I have another point to make:

I would never have heard her voice, were it not for modern recording technology.

It is hard, now, to imagine hearing a singer and feeling that when they are gone, their sound(s) will be gone.

This is not (just) to marvel at what we have achieved, but to raise the question:

What future wonders might make our current reality seem brutish and untenable?

What shall we work on?

What matters?

Build a rocket, boys.

Life questions


“In every situation, life is asking us a question, and our actions are the answer. Our job is simply to answer well.”

Ryan Holiday

I don’t know.  I tend to retreat when I feel unsure.

I think I’m going to reach out more.  See how that works out.


Age and the Referendum

More than the xenophobia and lies, what upsets me most is the elderly voting on something for which they won’t feel the consequences. Voting to return to some illusory golden age, like a Daily Mail pastiche of the Victorian era; Britain ruling the waves and none of the pesky dark people from the colonies allowed in here. No recollection of the misery allowed for the majority before the NHS, feminism, and worker rights.
That world is gone.
What opportunities and responsibilites do we have in this new one?
Meanwhile, my 17 year old niece and nephew, who turn 18 in August, are voiceless.


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